Small Business Strategy -There is no such thing!

Small Business Strategy -There is no such thing!

A good small business strategy Is one where you can measure results.  Learning a strategy where measuring results is a really a more powerful strategy.

 by. This shows them so you can keep what works, drop weak moves?

Fixing car engine problems and power train problems is your craft and your business.

What of your strategy for adequate business and income?

Once upon a times, when few such shops were around, the ad shingle you hung tells all who you are and what you do. However, as population grows so does an influx of competition.

In a sense, you probably still hang out your shingle in the form of ads, but find it limited as to producing  a sufficient customer count  or income.

That is why you may say, "there is no real business strategy!"

And if you want  your business to be your 'bread and butter', you're going to have to start treating it like one.​ Start by looking at all the plates you have spinning, and every task to do so can feel like a priority. Some have called on business history research to provide fresh perspective to help their small business strategy.

Those that can afford such costly support do well. Does it make sense you could do better having a strategy and guide every now and then to keep you on course with you a professional business strategy using what research reveals works more productively?

Meeting Options in person or video conference​ Meet-and-Greet Call  (15min)  Free  

Single  90 min $75 I'm all ears. Use this as an opportunity to get answers to all your general business inquires or let's dig deep on a single subject. Bring your notebook!   

Single 120 min w. recap $185 Kick back and let me do the note-taking. I will provide you with a detailed account of our meeting and a prioritized, actionable checklist for you to use as you work toward your goals.

Monthly Contracts Available​ We meet for 90 min, twice a month and walk through the recap notes from each session. You have access to me as needed regarding goals or projects in motion.        

Conversation Topics 

  •  - Operations and painless systems for your practice.
  • - Identifying your core message and honing in Your Brand.
  • - Websites: What they need to have,
  •  - how they should flow and how to outsmart SEO.
  • - Marketing: Simple and sustainable social media strategy.
  • - How to hire and fire. Establishing a staff for long term investment and growth.
  •  - The NUMBERS. Bookkeeping, tax prep, legal obligation awareness.
  • - Pricing your artwork/products accurately. How do you know your investment is profitable? 
  • Don't see your needs listed? Call for your first freeby to see if I can help.

Get on with your small Business Strategy. I can help you!

Don't see your needs listed? Drop me a line to see if I can help.

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