Job-app-questionnaire Slo-wear Faster fixer Automotive Products  Outside Sales Position: Presentation

Outside Sales Position. Job-app-questionnaire Slo-wear Faster fixer Automotive Products 

How the Slo-wear Fix-faster Product from a customer getters program helps you earn an above average income. The most likely sales presentation...

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Attention Sales Position App

Please answer the following questions:

What’s it like in 10 words or more as to your sales ability feelings to make a presentation and have them ok your offer.


Are the following the sort of wording as an Introduction to a prospect you would be OK in saying "Would you like to hold in your hand what $100,000 feels like - if it were your money?"

"Have you ever wondered if there was an easy way to pull out of your business, besides the money it produces for you now,  say $100,000 more than that over the next 5 years?"

"I'm here to show you how to reach that extra amount of income. That's my job!   

Tell me john. What would you do with an extra $2000 leftover after all your shop bills were paid?

Would you pay down some bills?

How would that make your wife feel if you gave her $2000 and said pay off something with this and get rid of it as a bill?

Well, you admit, it would be nice, wouldn't it be?

They pay me big bucks to show people like you how to produce $2000 extra income from customers you already have.

Would you like to see how  other repair shops are producing that income and see what it takes to  get started make an extra $2000 a month? And I guarantee you it won't cost you a dime.

Show me a couple of the last repair bills you’ve done.

How much of this is pure profit?

Alright, I easily seen how to add $250 for engine service.

That what I sell that will make you $1000

It’s needed on every car an is added on every job

Its sold by saying this one little sentence  I'll tell you after you sign on. 

It's an idea you bet you wish you had invented  because it removes problems of wear all cars have after they reach 100,000 miles.

it sells itself as a aid to the sale of services and repairs. 

Do you agree that today's longer running cars show their age after 100,000 miles?

Would you agree they  do not run as good as when new at that mileage?

Do you agree it would please customers if your were to service and repair their car so it would  run like new again and then stay that way indefinitely?  True- right!

This picture shows the product invented to do just those things.

These products perform the following service advantages :

  • It will make an extra $2000 or more income every month.
  • This service is listed like this when you do and estimate
  • You total the 1st item as Internal Engine Cleaning Service.                   $250 -$450
  • 2nd item as second problem – the repair the customer came in for  $1000                                                                                                                                               Total $1250                                                                                                                Profit off $250=$100                                                                                                                              Profit off $450=$300                                                                                                                             Profit off repair  $400                                 That is the only way to earn extra income. its or off customers you already have - unless you win the lottery.

 Here's what the engine service includes I want you to add to every repair does the following:

  • Fuel system, injector, an intake tube cleaning       $175
  • 4, 6, or 8 Combustion areas carbon removal         $250
  • e=smog system and catalytic converter cleaning $175
  • Valve and valve lifter system cleaning                      $300
  • Products needed                                                             $400                                                                                                                                                          $1270

OK perform the service I'm going to show you, if you get an OK.

Now, I'm going to do your truck to show you how well it will run afterwards. It will amaze you and your customers will think you're pretty smart to know how to do that to a car.

and I guarantee the car will run great for years to come.

Now 20 services for the next 20 customers will come to $5000. $2000 is for the products kits, $500 to pay for an oil change needed a week later. and the $2000 left over is for you. That is the way if you are ever going to get a pay raise is got to be it!

These 20 items are shipped to you every 30 days   so with full instructions and 24 tech line if you need that service. that forces you to meet the goal of $2000 every month. I'm here every few days to help get use to the program. I live nearby to always be close to help you. 

 To get started  so you can earn and extra $2000 on the next 20 cars you need 20 sets.  You already know they cost over $400. but buying 20 at $100 each is the best wholsesale price I give my best customers - and you are now one of them. 

To make sure you get all this, we are  making a customer guinea pig as if it needs a $1000 repair.  Just watch what i say and do. I'll do the write up and install the products - demo. Now how do you pay for things, by check or bank card?  

what is the offer.

Your $1100  for 10 services is an investment that will make you $1100 or more. 

Your $2000 investment  for 20 services will make $2500 or more. Will your wife be happy about this money to pay down bills? sure! 

Presented as a fix for the cars problem