Our report: Marketing for Profit Facts and Fantasies.         What research reveals about successful businesses, their ads and message strengths that made them so.

 The principles and understanding of human nature those who rose to the top mastered. Hey, Big Guy! This is meant for you!

Marketing for Profit Facts and Fantasies.  To order this program, ask a question, call me...george at 512 665  3388

What research reveals about successful businesses, their ads and message strengths that made them so.

To order this program, ask a question, call me...george at 512 665  3388

Tune and repair shop Tips to send your profits sky high - - with this expert business advice.

It is no secret that its been tough for a lot of repair shop owners.

Just being a good mechanic won't help you survive. With competitive forces increasing you have to be smarter than the average bear to earn above incomes. Do you want to travel that road?

Let go by watching someone learn the ropes, then copy them.

Meet Joe!  Joe has a business profit-making problem, and how he solved it!

Joe owns a tune repair shop in a highly competitive area. Joe is a well-liked mechanic. A good mechanic is honest, has fair prices and gets the work out on time. He ties to sell you other services, but does a lousy job of it.

However, that was not good enough to help him prosper. In fact...

With cut-throat discount ads every week from competitors drawing customers away, his business and income was suffering. It took longer to pay bills.

At home, Joe was also having family financial problems as well! Every few weeks Joe’s wife linda tells him. “Honey! You need to do something to bring home more money so I can cover family expenses.” She was thinking of going to work to help out. Joe hates hearing that! Its deflating his ego.

Joe wondered what he could do to improve business! Should I advertise more? Offer better discounts? Will some cutting edge idea help get him more customers and prosper? Stress from his wife and worry about a solution keeps Joe awake some nights.

One night, Joe goes online to seek help. Google list many companies offering help to repair shop owners. He see’s a new, profit boosting program for tune and repair shop owners from customer-getter.com

Joe downloads their FREE REPORT: “Marketing for Profit,” showing powerful research fueling success for those investing in their monthly Marketing for Profit Program.

4 powerful, cutting edge marketing ideas looked cutting edge profitable and promising. They would attract a lot of customers and grow his income significantly – Joe thought. Not complicated, but required some study to build his belief in their usage. So he ordered their 3 month trial starter package. It is guaranteed to do the following:

1- Introduce new, performance restoring and profit enhancing tune repair assist products to star in the program making Joe’s car care and repair expertise superior to competitors. Customers wanted and would love how Joe uses them to make even older cars and diesel equipment instantly “run as if newer, suddenly run stronger, quieter, go greater distances on each tank of fuel. Something just changing bad parts – synthetic oils, or using other additives he sells cannot.

2- Provide customized ads guaranteed to attract many more customers each month. Their powerful ad message – will have Joes new expertise explained having Joe looking more skillful than most competitors to car owners seeking help. And to the public.

3- New ways to do estimates will save more estimates and earn a lot more profit, per estimate.

4- For more income, and customer loyalty building, the program will show Joe how to have customers return for more services a week later.

Would a program with those features, advantages, and benefits help you? Did It help Joe?

It’s been a year since then. Joe now has the customer getters secret helping him in 4 ways every day earn more, yet works less, worry’s less, sleep’s soundly at night.

Joe’s life at home is sweeter as wife linda shows him new appreciation for the $500 to $2000 extra some months Joe is now able to bring home for family bills and needs and for taking her advice. Joe feels more like a great family provider again.

That’s Joe’s, and many other tune and repair shop owner happy stories after investing in this program.

Be like Joe… Gain those benefits! Download the free report while still free. At - customer-getters.com/report ...Password for entry is: ...profit 

New profit boostsing programs for tune and repair shop owners from customer-getter.com

Joe’s story with it.

Joe owns a tune repair shop in a highly competitive area. Joe is a well liked mechanic.

However, that was not good enough to help him prosper. In fact, his business was hurting!

With cut- throat-competition and new competition drawing customers away, Joe tried every way he could think of to improve business - but couldn’t.

Joe was using up his cash reserve. It took longer to pay bills. Joe wondered! Should I advertise more? Will it get him more customers?

At home, Joe was also having financial problems as well! Every few weeks Joe’s wife tells him

“He needs to do something more to bring home more money to cover rising family expenses.”

There’s talk his wife is thinking of going to work to help out. That means getting a baby sitter, or asking Grandma to help out for a few months. Joe feels like he’s becoming a poor family provider. That’s not good for Joe’s ego at all!

This problem keeps Joe awake some nights. One night Joe went online to seek help. Google showed many companies that offer help to repair shop owners.

He discovered a FREE REPORT on “Profit Marketing” taken from a monthly course from customer-getters.com. He ordered a 3 month trial starter package.

It provides 4 specific ways to boost sales and income significantly:

1- using a new tune and repair assist product:

2- this now attracts many more customers each month with a new powerful ad message.

3- It earns a lot more profit per estimate

4- and get customers to return for more services a week later.

Containing help from marketers, with better tune and repair assistance products, and a powerful review education from research made by 3 famous college professors. Their course teaches business students – the principles and strategies of struggling businesses who developed sales through-the-roof systems customized so Joe can use them the very next day.

With the customer getter’s marketing programs assuring him of $1000 extra profit or more each month Joe works less, sleep’s soundly.

Joe makes more profit off estimates with this new powerful strategy applied to them, also.

Joe’s family life is also improving and his wife linda appreciates the $500 to $2000 extra some months joe is now able to bring home – thanks to this program.

Be like Joe...

Learn more today! Get the free report while still free. At customer-getters.com/report password for entry is: profit 2


By setting up the coming years using principles outlined here, the principles outlined may increase your success. How do principles work?

A principle outlines a basic truth. On tires...

A tire must be free of holes to hold air to be useful. It does not say how you fix it, should it lose air. Just that it must be free of holes to be useful.

Similarly, there are some straight-forward but important business techniques you can apply using principles, that will help reinvigorate your business’s performance, get it on track to achieve your long-term goals. 

The business owner's use of a principle for his success is like that about tires. No solution or remedy is given. You have to figure the application part out for your world.  Steps involved:

Management: Clarify your direction.

Initially, it is critical to clearly understand where your business is headed. Look at your current situation with a fresh set of eyes. Then establish goals for where you would like it to be. Do not be constrained by what you think is likely to happen. Consider what you want, what you really want, first.

Just how do you take that all important first step so your journey is successful? 

George Christ, a lifelong mechanic, and shop owner, knew he needed to double his profit.  Just raising prices helped. He felt he needed a consistent idea to impress customers that overshadowed higher prices, and attracted better paying car owners driving by his shop going to a competitor. 

After years of management trial and error George discovered the secret for his business.

Spending tens of thousands of dollars, with several years of failures and testing, before his program worked to get him out of years of struggling with in-sufficient profits. The result has reduced his work year down to 6 months with 2 to 4 years income for those 6 months efforts. He and his family travel, he built a home for his family. He has sufficient funds to support charitable, and family needs. All not possible without money! The result of his effort?

  • Over many years, thousand of tune and repair shop owners have bought and followed his program - it pays for itself,  and assures a guaranteed profit to the smallest shop owner of 2 to 4 times its monthly cost.  
  • It does so in a way that often has doubled and tripled their income, well working the same 8 to 5 hours.  The program and its winning ways uses what is referred to as the principle of "Perceived Value."
  • The actual program basics come from several sources including the worlds top Direct Response Copy Experts, and from a 4 year business course at Ohio State U. 
  • Taught so by the 3 professors who are famous for unraveling the millions of dollars of secrets behind this mysterious principle. 
  • The professors course grads are hired, in some cases, by your competitors to have them use this "perceived value" principle to steal your business away, while you snooze on the marketing part of your business - or perhaps because you are using much weaker products with weaker profit-making ability - which turn your customers off.
  • Basically, the use of george's management program and its How-to's provides the "perceived value" principle  customized for the shop to use. The exact help, even failing business can follow to turn business around. Often doing so easily and very profitably in just 30 days.
  • Ordinarily, management  must figure out the "perceived value" that is most beneficial for the tune and repair shop ownersto figure out.  George says... 
  • The shop owner must provide some sort of tune and repair improvement the repair shop uses on every vehicle that blows the customers mind away! Its nothing like a beautiful calendar or any discount, or of those natures. No!

To work, george says, it is something you do for the customer's car that the car owner immediately sees, feels and experiences after the repair.

  • It also influences public opinion.  This results in an exceedingly noticeable performance the vehicle - new old, even worn out receives as a results of george's tune and repair program tips and products to use for that car! It offers a result, a value in some financial long-term benefit also, than what any competitor offers.
  • Benefits for the shop included as much as 200% more income. This value seems to produce higher hour labor rates; a profit producing benefit. Attraction of more profitable customers away from competitors not aware of the principles power, nor how to use it to advantage.
  • Higher response rates from ads results when this value is explained. Much higher loyalty for future service work where customers return for the original value they want to continue to received," says George.
  • Not just any value works. Such value in this case, a repair shop is offering for care car and repair is impressive.
  • Get george's free management report on Perceived Value by calling 512 665 3388 and asking specifically for it at 512 665 3388.

Of course, every owner wants to become successful and build a profitable business. But this year, start with realistic, “stretch” goals. For example, you might consider making it a goal to take more time to more carefully manage your vendor relationships or even just consider more promotional opportunities. Push yourself just a little, and then break your goals down into pieces while designating milestones to measure progress.

Create accountability

Once you have decided upon your goals it is crucial to build in accountability for yourself. How will you ensure that these things will happen? What systems, processes or people are you going to put in place to drive them to completion? If you are not willing to put such checks and balances on your own actions, re-examine your goals. Without true accountability you may be setting yourself up for mediocre results. However, if you are able to create these assurances with meaningful deadlines, you have taken an important step to improving your business.

Management: Open up

When you run an auto repair shop, it is easy to get stuck at the top by yourself. With no one to talk to about the business, your own blind spots, knowledge gaps and shortcomings can get in the way of success. Let’s face it, nobody does everything well. The problem is, many business owners prefer not to rely on others – they have an urge to try to do it all.

Open yourself to accepting help.

First, while it might not seem to make sense right away, consider hiring to fill the roles that take you away from performing the most critical functions. Owners often do not take this step and lose out on the opportunity to serve their own “highest and best use.” But, doing so might be another significant step to building your business.

Second, look for support organizations in your area.

Peer-to-peer advisory groups are a great way to harness the experiences of other business owners who are facing the same problems. Groups like this can offer you the opportunity to identify solutions to your business problems while at the same time strengthening your skills as an owner and the leader of your company.

Third, if you already have the staff to support some of this effort, move past fears of delegating.

Putting trust in someone else with the vital elements of running your company is a critical rite of passage for building a business. Thus, if you truly want growth, this step is necessary and unavoidable. Doing so will afford you the time to lead the initiatives that really drive success and stop turning you into the chokepoint to progress.

Monitor your work/life balance

Running your own business is complex, and the strain it puts on your personal life can be counterproductive for the business in the long run. All too often, business owners become so consumed in their businesses that they forget to enjoy important events and everyday moments in their personal lives.

Letting life pass you by...

Can have a huge impact how you run your business. An unhappy business owner has greater difficulties becoming a successful business owner because a person’s mental outlook can negatively or positively affect how everything else falls into place.

This year... Management,

Take some time to examine your business time and your personal life to identify those areas that are not working as well as you would like. Understand that sometimes you need to let go of control, trust in others and importantly, trust in yourself. Also, be mindful of your stress levels. Just because you own a business does not mean you need to be there 24 hours a day.

Get excited about your business again

The fact of the matter is that 2009 was among the most challenging times businesses have ever seen. But, you have weathered the storm and you can take pride in that accomplishment.

To capitalize on that in 2010...

Get yourself excited about the business again. Consider the possibilities and let yourself dream just a bit. Remember the energy and enthusiasm you had when you first started turning a wrench, then re-inject that vigor into your business today.

With just the right kind of extra effort, you can make 2010 your best year ever.

This article [on Management],was contributed by Dave Mischler, president of Inner Circle Chicago.

Mischler is Managing Director and Facilitator for several Inner Circle Chicago groups. His unique background in everything from accounting to marketing and business development has enabled him to gain both a broad and deep perspective on business challenges. An Inner Circle is a group of 8-12 non-competing business owners who act as one another's advisor's and serve to accelerate the learning curve associated with managing and growing a company.