p-v-the profit-booster: Perceived value: What is it/ Why do I need it in my business?

P-V Are You Using These Two Powerful Strategies? 

     1.      Differentiation

     2.      Perceived value

P-V when in a highly competitive market place where there’s more competition than customers, helps you to offer greater value to be selected by more car owners needing repair work. The general method – and it seems to make sense, is 1000%  wrong! That’s the method you are using now! I know it’s not working  or ...

You wouldn’t be reading this report if you was really making biig bucks in your business. So, what is your method?

Since auto repair is broken up into categories, and you can do all of them, it makes since to list these in your list of general repairs.  I call this the category sales pitch. Such as: Joe’s auto repair.  We do it all!  

Now, which type of ad do you think the average car owner will flock too?  

However, that may be OK for you, but how does the customer approach finding the best solution to his problem. And he may not know what  category their car problem is in.

With ads like that, the customer may go to the biggest ad.  May chose a mechanic closes to him. May want to go to the dealer. However,

The company that has special value and differentiates itself from their competitors do well.

Those companies do best know such ads are OK, but do little to bring customers in. So they specialize their ads to follow what marketing  research points out works best. And  research shows the most successful companies have this sort of  ad.

Example: Since a car owner has a dead battery, they look for an ad that says they fix car that lost it electrical power to start the car. The ad would look like this and have this  as the headline:

 Joe’s auto repair We do it all! 

Joe’s auto repair We do it all!  10 years same location. The lowest price.

Master Mechanic Certified  tune up brakes alignment mufflers electrical    starters alternators engine battery.

Call for a free estimate at 512 665 3388

A ad with perceived value

Quick fix for cars that won’t start! Tap! Burn Oil 


  •             it groins
  •             it clicks
  •             it does nothing
  •             it makes a tap sound so lund people stare at me
  •             it rough shifts making me  feel the transmission will fall out

Those are  problems cause by friction. friction roughens surface up all to hech. Then residues cover them. now they end with the problem you have - but now don't fret it.Sure, a $2000 repair will fix, but so will my engine transmission condition my customers love. You will too. most because i t corrects the problem and get the car running better than ever! Its true!come beyaod  check it out for youself.

It may just be the ticket your car needs to a great running future fre of its problem Rather than have someone sell you a dozen items, let our electrical experts do a 100 item check to see where the problem originates.  

We will let you know and give you several options, and a best solution to end the problem. 100% guaranteed too! Here’s what to do now! Call us and say, My car won’t start - or whatever. My expertise will cover it at the lowest price- sometimes by thousands!Can you help me? A loaner car is often available or a car rental will bring a car here if you got to go, well we isolate the problem. Nothing is done until you give us the OK. Financing made easy, if need be. Joe. Joe’s garage  1234 5th st. 512 664 3388

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