Sales letters created
Mr business owner!
This Letter May Contain The Most Important Business  Getting Help To Affect Your Future, Your Business Success And Your Family’s Well Being And Happiness

Sales letters created.

This Letter May Contain The Most Important Information About Your Future, Your Business Success And Your Family’s Well Being And Happiness. How so?

Dear Business Owner.

In the same 8 hours of work, some people earn $100, others, $1000.

Usually the person in business has a greater opportunity to earn unlimited income than an hourly wage owner – but, don’t full yourself into thinking huge amounts fall into your lap just because you’re in business. Unlimited income possibility is usually reduce to poor income levels by poor marketing and sales strategies.


In the same 8 hours thousands in business may make $100 , sometime reach $200 a day, others with other strategies make reach $1000 a day income – same 8 hours.

How we help. 

We Create Sales and Marketing Letters For Every Type Of Enterprise.

We Create Sales and Marketing Letters For Every Type Of Enterprise.

If you believe hard hitting sales generating letters open doors, cash registers, wallets, checkbooks, it’s because a few touched you that way.

We can create a sales letter promoting and selling your goods and service also containing the most important information to help your customer's future, their business success. and their family’s well being and happiness.

A portion of two are enclosed. They show the type of letter creativity you can depend on, were you to choose us to help you get the business your after.

With a sales letter specifically designed for your business, you too will begin opening more doors, wallets, checkbooks, and ringing in more cash register sales.

Have you given consideration to what a good sales letter can do for you?

Small business owners use letters as a way to compete with the “big boys.”

That’s because a well written sales letter read by the right person, momentarily enters the mind analyzing your proposition. Without this mental penetration, no sales can be made. (Consumer research findings.) Sure there is a learning curve for the letter writer to establish uniqueness – and we pull that out of you for the kind of letter that brings in leads, and more business that those of poor message, and are trashed. Then too...

A good letter, one that sells, has this feature: It becomes a “priceless clone.” They generate many more sales, sales where none are presently possible., create question to answer – other wise not! Working night and day – with no days off, no call in sick can’t work calls.

When reviewing how you will spend your next advertising investment dollar, remember this. Investing in a properly designed letter, costing about the same as other less effective media, may meet, perhaps exceed all your business getting expectations. And, unlike ads, can continue to work for you long after their investment is paid for. Letter and story development to complete one start at $5000. While a King’s Ransom in gold is what we dream of Really has a ROI plus hansom profit you need to live well on – that should be the goal of this type project. The person who helps shares in this reward.

There is no obligation or fee on your part to discuss opportunities unless help is requested. Since we cannot take competing clients for one year, take the time to lock in this competitive edge for your business, while the opportunity is still open to you for your category, your niche.

To ask a question, place an order for your sales letter, call at 512 665 3388.

Sincerely, George Christ