Outside sales development position.

Outside Sales Development Position:

In sales you can make more in a day most make in a week.

One reason is its commission structure. By payment by commission rather than an hourly payment, sales people who have better than average sales ability can produced many more sales with those skills. Rather than a pay-raise commpanies offer a commission pay structure to gain the sales producing advantage. Both the company and salesperson benefit from the arrangement. 

For that reason a person who masters the sales techniques and can find employment with such a company can makes more in a day than most make in a week. Our company has openings throughout the nation for persons who wants a distributor business, with a small investment can apply those skills, well having the freedom day-by-day, few businesses can offer.

Male Female.Retired OK to apply.. :

Duties include prospecting among potential buyers. Showing the program, signing up prospects. turning in funds collected to management, stocking origina order, refilling consumed items.  delivering, collecting money and making deposits. inventory control. Ttraining and teritory given.

Verification of your character and sales ability. 

Our products are use in automotive servicing and wear and tear problem solving. Many features are unique and open up a wide asortment of sales possibility's. 

The automotive service and repair field requires lots of products and vendors and outside sales development people to introduce products, show income possibilities, set up accounts, and fill sold inventory on a regular basis.

Work near where you live and population off 20,000 to a million offer good opportunity to grow your income as you service new accounts and add new accounts. 

Potential income for outside sales development people runs $3000 to $10,000 a month. Income is based on how well you meet and exceed your goals.

Outside Sales Development Position: Training and territory and some expenses provided. Learn more. fill out an interview application by calling Mr george at 512 665 3388

Our unique  products, marketing, and training provisions is in a niche making a good income for our sales people and their clients. It does so by filling a need to provide the smaller, under-financed independent automotive business owners lo-cost training, marketing, and products they lack knowledge of. It can help them significantly increase their income.

The Company:  Slo-wear Fix Faster is an automotive specialty engine transmission radiator and steering Treatment. It is a mechanics product assist aid to restore by internal cleaning the lost or diminished horsepower and lost performance that wear, residues, carbon and perhaps, lots of miles takes away. 

For the first time, mechanics can now provide their customers this Slo-wear Fix Better service along with the any tune up and repair need. A 5 minute install time has the vehicle so treated run as if supercharged, and like having a bigger engine. Yet begin going 20 to 40 more miles on each fill up of fuel each week. Very impressive!

Customer appreciating benefits that make the mechanic's car care and repair expertise superior to that of competitors in the mind of the car owner. 

Sales in developed accounts run $500 to $2000 each month. A restocking is needed monthly and you are paid for all business in your local. 

Commission averages 20%.  Income is unlimited! Pick your work day and times.

This is possible Slo-wear Fix Faster frees, cleans and friction modify's those pistons bearings valves sensors and gears during engines and transmission repair - not replaced by new parts. Advantages no other product offers.

It is installed in the fluids and fuels of both brand new and older, and older worn vehicles of all sizes to end running  and performance problems caused by friction wear out, and sticky residues. The product provides a chemical way to internal way to clean and condition the component - followed by an oil or fluid replacement  - in place of costlier actual repair means.


Your job duties...

You, as our field sales rep can benefit using your sales closing skills. These are needed helping you secure 100 new accounts. This is a one on one arrangement, helping prospects see the financial profit gain and worry reducing benefits to purchasing this program - this program helps them and their family directly by your efforts to convince them to subscribe to our monthly refill program.

Customer Getters Contact Info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, secure a territory in your area. Call me... george at 512 665 3388.

Outside sales development position. You benefit by being our field rep helping this niche, one on one, to see the financial gain and worry reducing benefits to purchasing this program.

Job Assignment:

Responsibilities to produce this $10,000 a month potential is offered to a commissioned paid, skilled closer who will earn those amounts of commissions by helping us establish 100 or more accounts in the Rio Grande Valley area, then maintain those accounts on an ongoing basis to continue that $20,000 monthly income.

Responsibilities to reach that income goal, within 6 months include, but may not be all that’s included; include: Keeping a diary file of each call for revisits, and to record new account data and reorder logging. Each day’s routine will generate 5 to 10 new, quality leads each day. Where your closing rate on 1st calls and revisits by the 3rd week should begin producing 1 to 5 customers every day.

Goals are enjoyable and easy to reach.

You goal of 100 new accounts should take about 3-4 months. To reach that goal, you would monitor each prospects visit with the goal to help prospects develop their desire to making our program the step needed to forward their income growing method. This is a Face to Face, by Cold Calling, Prospecting Position, and perhaps with Direct Mail and E-mail assistance. Includes our training… coupled with your previous sales know how…

How's the money made?

Pay earned is given weekly in this way.  A commission is made on each sale, each repeat sale, and for opening accounts. Commission per sale can amount to $200 per client, per month on our minimum order sale. Let’s suppose you opened 10 new accounts in the first 2 weeks run. Commission would look like this.


A qualified opening accounts purchases $1000 for merchandise ordered from the program.

  • Bonus for opening each account. $200 X 10 accounts = $2000 
  • Commission from each $1000 sale is $200 X 10 sales = $2000
  • Your 2rd week commissions paid the 3rd week will be $4000
  • Minus any draw against earnings after the first complete week.

Lets suppose in so many months you reach 100 qualified accounts. As you service those accounts each week and take their order, the total months commissions may add up like the following.

  • Each week upon reaching 100 active monthly accounts buying $1000, commissions will repeat the above format but based on new account openings that week and commission on sold items.
  • With 100 accounts buying $1000 each, each month, commission for that month would be 100 X $200 = $20,000 commission.
  • Subject to any tax with-holdings. Home usage, and mileage are a tax reducing aid. So are meals bought for business, motels, goft fees. Phone and such. See your accountant.

As you grow client accounts, your income grows. With 100 clients, the projected monthly commission can grow to $20,000 a month. If this wets your  whistle:

Apply at: customer-getters.com/job-apt

Or call Mr George to ask a question, training, to secure a territory, at 512 665 3388

Job Type: Commission  Salary: to $100,000.00 /year Outside Sales Development Position: