Sales Program For Tune Repair Shops

Attract More,
More Profitable Customers.
At Half The Cost 


Customer Getters!

More Customers! Much More Income Off Them!

More for you each month!

                             Here’s a new, easy-to-apply, Marketing Ad Program and                               Repair Shop Repair Method with a Unique Approach to:                         

 1- Pull in more, MORE profitable customers.

                                     2- At half the cost of what your paying to do so now!

                   And the best part is this!

                                    3- It pays you by producing $500 to $5000 a month for                                                                   using it   – than your best EARNING efforts to do so now!!

Unlike most ads, and ad programs that rarely pull in enough business to pay for themselves! This one pays yous for using it!

It also will end the agonizing, worrisome, monthly big bite out your profits to pay for them, that leaves less for you and your family needs each month that’s so worrisome.

It ends the misery of the method of advertising expense your present method of auto repair creates, that makes you slave to paying for an inadequate advertising message, just to pull it your share of daily customers out there.

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Auto repair shop owner Marketing and Consulting Programs: Secrets to learning more, to sell more, have customers buy more. Call george for details 512 665 3388

For auto repair shop owners seeking marketing and consulting programs

The Mega Power Profit Growing Program.

Why this program over any other?

It teaches you the following skills that produce unlimited income. How so?

  • Implements research of what the most successful do - you don't use! To do so....
  • Customizes the prime principles they use into a program  teaching to use month by month to produce a growing unlimited income!
  • Without this help you would have to find and convert those ideas into a winning format by experimenting.
  • Its taken a 100 years of experimenting to bring you what works and how they work. You don't have those time options to figure them out.
  • These shortcuts in this program is the only way you will give yourself the pay raise from your business you're after.
  • It is a very good opportunity for you to become recognized for your business smarts.
  • Helps you use your now-unused car care knowledge in a new and much more profitable way.
  • It will become the biggest influence in your life and that of your family. Like all opportunities, the success comes from a long term attitude. It's not given, its earned!
  • Even your wife will be amazed at your new business acumen. It's what makes winners, and that is the road she wants you to be on.
  • How to get started on this journey.

The Program

  • After you sign up for our Program, the extra potential income it should produce comes from tips and a slight change in 3 areas of your business, shown in your monthly newsletter, shows how to implement and expand on the above research an application in those 3 areas  immediately.
  • The newsletter provides tips, statements, and tactical techniques, supported by research findings to increase revenue in the easiest way possible  - off customers you have - each day. Doing so off customers you attract with the programs ads.  
  • Tune and repair assist products make you out to  be the star in all this - included. They creates the unique results that amaze customers - who come back for more! They become the products needed for performance restore and correction customers come in for. 
  • Select: The Program Investment is based on a minimum profit increase each month. Assures a returned by their usage to meet you financial goal for each month and covers the next months program.
  • All suggestions, tips, and products are easy to use to  become part of every additional tune and repair profit making procedure. Newsletter, phone, and Online Training details shows all. 
  • Order Now to gain the skills Mega Power provides to produce an unlimited income. 
  • We don't know how to guarantee and unlimited income. We do guarantee to double your monthly investments return.
  • 400 specific online pages teach you the tech side of Mega Power advantages, pricing, and its unlimited potential.

Chose the monthly program based on the following monthly car count suggestions.

We suggest you start at income level profit goal of $1000 new income for the month.

There are 3 profit increasing levels in the Mega Power Program.

The program provides 4 items needed: Shipped to you including:

1-    Monthly Education provided by newsletter and personal phone help as         needed to get you started on the daily income boosting goal.

2-    Introduction of sales message or statements for 3 areas of your                     business. Ad sharing, Estimates. At customer pay time. Ad layouts.

3-    Daily accounting trackage of what's working.

4-   Products needed to produce $2000 or more new extra profit.

Chose one of the monthly programs based on your monthly car count as a starting suggestion. Increase as needed.

Program for  $500 extra income each month. 25 to 50 car count.

  • The $500 a month Mega Power Profit Program Investment guarantees $1000 return for its usage each month. Requires 25-50 customers monthly coming through your shop. Requires 5 sales.

Program for  $1000 extra income each month. 50 to 75 car count.

  • The $1000 a month Mega Power Profit Program Investment guarantees $2000 return for its usage each month. Requires 25-50 customers monthly coming through your shop. Requires 10 sales.

Program for  $2000 extra income each month. 75 to 100 car count.

  • The $2000 a month program guarantees $4000 return for its usage each month. . Requires 75 to 125 customers monthly coming through your shop.

With your first order you will receive 2 complete Mega Power Vehicle treatments to service the power steering, radiator, engine and transmission for your truck and your wife's car. Retail value of $300. You will experience the Mega Power Improvement difference recorded on the many of this web site. In this way you will have the confidence you are doing good no one else is. Also... with your first order.

You will receive 1 FREE Mega Power Power Steering Service Kit. Value $49.

You will receive 1 FREE Mega Power Radiator Service Kit Value $49.

You order of Mega Power will service the A/C engine transmission radiator power-steering and grease-able wheel bearings of 2 of your vehicles.  following the instructions in each kit the customer receives after the service. 

You do a before and after test to note the improvement and stronger quieter performance. You also note your wife’s note of the her cars running and smoother zippier performance. These become your confidence builders to booster your use of them as the reason for their being part of any tune or repair service performed.


Using an ad technique proven to attract 5% to 15% more customers wanting engine transmission services that put off repair - only your ads promote. Other tips for 2 simple changes when giving estimates, and when collecting for work done, will add hundreds more to your income each month~

Auto Repair Shop Owners Get Mega Powered Educated, then educate the public and customers, to attract more business

Educates locals you have new products services that solve their engine transmission problems car owners now shop for elsewhere for - but now will do so with you.

Educates you on unmet tune and repair negatives customers go elsewhere for, how to address them, and a simple statement that sells their servicing with every customer.

Using Mega Power ads pull in customers shopping for help and who often go to competitors, who gain from such business - giving you first chance to earn their business. You need this edge to avoid losing more to the competition.

Auto Repair Shop Owners making Mega Power Dependability the prime part of  your car care and repair expertise will increase profits by thousands of dollars a month for you! 

   9 out of 10 buy.     

They come back for more!    

However, the install of Mega Power as the inside tune clean condition and freeing of internal motor and gear parts recovers about 10 to 30% horsepower. Cars burn rubber after the treatment and shows car owners you have an expertise for car care and repair competitors do not! 

 No other way is easier.

  • No other way boost profit by                                                           a $1000 or more each month.
  • Teaches secrets so you Learn More                                                    to sell More - to Earn a Lot more!
  • The investment doubles its return so you never lose

Auto Repair Shop Owners order Now to start earning more now!

The Mega Power Dependability Service Center for independent auto repair shop owners is the program you need to start learning about and with our help,  start using to up your monthly income by hundreds even thousands more each month! Call to learn more.

Call get started today! Don't lose anymore busines  call me george at 512 665 3388

The Mega Power Expertise includes these engine transmission radiator and power steering treatments that should be the inside cleaning conditioning part of every service and repair.

Auto Repair Shop Owners Contact Info: If on a smart phone, to ask a question about starting this program, for ordering products listed, call me.... George at 512 665 3388

How does Mega Power Make This Possible?

Mega Power's Problem-solving service treatments are especially attractive to those car truck RV heavy equipment motorcycle and boat owners have an engine or transmission showing up with a running shifting, performance problem.

With wear, friction, and residues -  the major problem-maker for thousands of local car-  owners with out-of-warranty cars, many are seeking alternative to just oil changes - which have no effect on older vehicles.

Auto Repair Shop Owners Contact Info: If on a smart phone, to ask a question about starting this program, for ordering products listed, call me.... George at 512 665 3388