Perceived Value - what the successful offer!

 Is the Perceived Value of Your Business Helping or Hurting Your Business? 

   The meaning of value.  

       You may not stoop to pick up a penny,  but do so for a dollar. You attribute, assign, perceive much more buying power to a dollar than a penny. We all assign value to everything - including doing nothing. 

      Value equates to worth. We sale a program to help repair shop owners build that value.

    The stronger the favorable feeling people have for a business the more likely it will prosper.  The opposite is also true.

      The opposite is also true.  The less less favorable opinion less customer count. 

        According to research, in each market, similar businesses will be lined up from good to bad. Those in the top 3 can get-away with charging higher prices and attract a higher average of customers, therefore make more income because, their prospects and clients see them as better.

     Seeing a business as better is the key point here.

Each business operates to exceed breakeven. Breakeven includes your wages you are after - called profit in this case.

      To change that perception requires an ongoing education  on your key difference. A major improvement the public sees as more valuable to buy.

      Finding and promotion of a better value is difficult and may takes longer than you can hold out. 90% of all new businesses fail because they fail to have a better advantage. They fail to advertise it significantly. to do. They have a no ay for people to test the idea.


     Others can offer the same product, perhaps be better in some way, but until the majority opinion changes, such a business must cut prices, and offer more for less, to keep what business stops by. Competitors may try to advertise the same products but at a lower price, but perception, called "image in the mind" of the majority is not swayed by discounts,


      Like stepping stones across a stream a businessIf a business have  are usually the most profitable. Can

     To move up in the category  meain a catagory How do For an auto repair shop If your business common value has little worth and less attractive pull.

    A high value means it has more use or a needed use compared to something less desirable.

    A business will succeed or fail depending on how well it gets customers and prospects to recognize it offers more worth than others.  Customers and prospects know they will pay more, but consider it a good value if provable.

     Skill, time in business have common value, except in health care, where a specialize skills help narrow down the choice needed. 

    In the competitive business  world, a perceived value will have one drive by  certain business of a particular type to go to one having a perceived value of being more worthy.  Of having a perceived value psychological pulling them in that direction when a service or product is needed.

     It is the research conclusion of 3 Ohio State School of Business Professors; made wealthy by their findings, that among similar businesses where one becomes more profitable and successful. It results from finding and promoting what customers and prospects more value offered is the pull. 

     While discounts appear to be a good draw, few have the mass buying power to make it work. Nor do customers buy more. Such ones are difficult to up sell.

     A perceived value that works prove to

  1. make higher prices not an issue.
  2. makes selling other services not an issue.
  3. customers return oftener.

     What is your value others can't copy that customers see is so?

     Can performance and ad verts clearly distinquist you as having such?

     What  is your perceived value  edge?

     If having none, what's it worth to find such?

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psychological need of the reader.

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