Income Potential at So-wear Fix-faster.
What to do to earn the income you want!

Income contact info: 

  Income: Is this potential $20,000 income a month job what you’re looking for:  

Apply if... you are a commissioned paid, skilled closer, bilingual is good, to help us establish 100 or more accounts in the valley area, then maintain those accounts on an ongoing weekly to monthly basis.    


A commission is paid on each sale, each repeat sale, for opening accounts.

Commission per sale can amount to $200 per client or more, per month. As you grow client accounts, your commission grows. With 100 clients, the projected monthly commission can grow to $20,000 a month.   

How new accounts are created. A Main Responsibility of the job.

There may be 4000 small independent auto repair 

Monitor opportunities as they progress beyond the first meeting, obtain feedback on future calls so as to adjust messaging to improve execution of your close. Maintain your group of customers, supplying them products, tips , advice, literature, signage, to improve their ability to increase their income. Fill sold inventories. Maintain professional and technical knowledge friendship to continue to strengthen your customer loyalty.    

There are 2 ways to deliver items sold by you:

1- Carry and set up inventory you have from your own van. Earns 2%.

2.  We can ship the items sold by you to the customer overnight.  Reduces income 2%.

The company;  Slo-wear Fix-Faster offers automotive repair shop owners an educational and promotional marketing program needed to double their income producing ability. This easy-to-follow-and use program pays for itself and produces 100% markup profit each month clients you sign on! This is possible by the programs use of marketing, sales and chemical research findings and their application from such discovery.

When followed our program  

•  Produces more business

•  Attracts better paying customers

•  Offers a more productive way to sell more services

•  Teaches how to find and sell car problem solutions now missed

•  Promote years longer dependable car life for customers  

You would be promoting these advantages now possible to produce the income you desire made possible by the Program you would be promoting. The program provides new, powerful marketing direction, with tips, help, products, even phone advice provided, where prospects who become your clients obtain these and other of the following advantages that end problems with wear every vehicle has; in their  engine transmission radiator and steering.

Benefits include:  

•  Ending horsepower-sapping running negatives

•  Ending horsepower lowering negatives, oil burning, tapping noise, rough shift, leaks and such

•  Ends lubrication problems synthetic oil fails to provide

•  Profit for your clients signing up for our program can increase their monthly profit by $1000 to $4500  a month.  

Something we guarantee for them or their money back!   To apply for this Outside Sales Representative Position. go to:   Or call Mr George to ask a question, about  training, to secure territory, at  512 665 3388