PV Report: P V = Perceive Value: It's what successful businesses offer struggling businesses don't!

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What makes a small business successful?

     An idea in sufficient demand. And a way to have sufficient customers to make plenty of income possible. A way to keep educating prospects you exist,  and have their best needs cared for - nobody does as completely. So true! So hard to make happen!

    If you could select from successful businesses some main appeal they have that most successful business have - that their struggling competitors don't have, what do you say it could be? 

  • Location
  • Massive advertising
  • A  great look
  • Discounts
  • Better sales
  • Popular but exclusive items
  • Luck
  • A sound, perceived value other don't have.

    To understand what a successful business offers, you need to be in the customers shoes as they see the marketplace. When choosing a business being close by is important and so are fair prices, and good quality, an good service. And something research identifies as a "perceived value" others don't offer. A value that's important to the life of the customer not having,  that makes his life better in an important way.

Such an appeal draws the majority of customers to that business. The business can command higher prices because customers sense what's gained is more than worth it. The two go hand in hand. Without a perceived value, price becomes and issue. Which store has the lowest prices get more business. You have to give away your profit and lower prices to attract business - the cheaper people who are not loyal and just shop price.  However...

Since I'm mostly dealing with the independent auto tune and repair shop owner, just being a great mechanic is not sufficient value by itself, to attract the business success they envisioned. Why not?

Because, most any shop does similar repair. Now, if all competitor were lousy, with public complaint common knowledge and word got out you were truly better customer could see is not a rip-off, you would do well!

However, where many shops ae considered average, the real  value is a deep discount!

They lack selling a real value customer seek others do not offer.

What kind of value? It's something called, perceived value, or PV. A key idea and principle to what makes a successful business – struggling business owners don’t know about. Its based on customer perception about who fills sub-conscious needs best, gets their business. It makes that business – theirs to go to. Erases competitive influence. Imagine the good of having PV work for you and your business in that way! Imagine it working for a competitor against you!

PV report Perceived value:. Ways its used to boost business income in a competitive world after the same customer you are

PVreport: Such impressions provides the sub-conscious perceived value the car and heavy equipment owners are looking for. Something other programs, and even discounts as a value, just cannot provide.

3 college professors, discovered and teach business majors the principle of perceived value PV. Top marketers and copywriters, like Dan Kennedy, produce millions of dollars income for their clients, using PV as the selling point. Success is eluded without a PV feature. This PVreport starts your thinking on how to proceed to develop your perceived value. 

Every business needs a PV to realize their business dream. I teach the Professors and direct response Experts PV principle with products enabling it, in a monthly self-paying program for tune repair shop owners and others. From it, my subscribers learn how to apply the Perceived Value principle in the 3 areas needed in a business, now missing or unknown.

For tune repair shop owners using our program, then shop follows specifics in tune repair and servicing that results in an amazing new-like performance from the customers vehicle, even from worn and older cars and equipment.

The products also end running and performance problems, thought not possible except by costly repair. A quiet, powerful exhibit develops up hills and with heavy loads - as if from a bigger, newer motor. Gain 20 to 40 more miles distance on each weeks fill up of fuel. Near endless continuance provided by future car servicing from the business.

Such impressions provides the sub-conscious perceived value the car and heavy equipment owners are looking for. Something other programs, and even discounts as a value, just cannot provide.

For Your Business Success: 

We provide mechanic owned tune repair shops a profit grow-program. 3 features make it superior to any other business growing method: 
1- Provides the one message you must have to attract better-paying customers away from competitors. 
2- Provides older vehicle servicing needs now missing: A 9 billion dollar service car owners will look to you for with its higher profitability. 
3- An opens a 101% customer repeat service feature, ending customer need to shop others for car care servicing. The 3rd income growing feature.

These sales and profit growing features result from the unique perceived value factor our program teaches you - Producing 5 to 50% greater customer attraction, at lower cost. The one way to produce up to 100% more profit from each estimate. And create the one means to have customers return for service to you they now go to others for.

This program expands your present profit making expertise with 3 complex, but superior features. When applied takes the mystery to unlimited income away! Order today for a better life tomorrow.

To see what our perceived value program consist of and its guarantee of income, go PVreport program here...

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