Not just your name attracts business. Research shows the specifics of your business benefits are what attract. Without specifics on your web page how will people know? Our Solution? 

tCustomer Getters helps you Identify and promote online appeals customers are seeking in online searches. With them you become listed by their search inquiries. Are such missing in what you say and do? A FREE Survey will reveal those appeals. You can list them after wards. What help to get more clicks instead of others.  That's the problem we will end for you. Cost is low and based on results.

Customer Getters offers online Ad creation featuring  expertise answers to  searchers request to find what you sale. We are your Customer Getters.  

How Customer Getters Can Acquire Customers For You. HOW?

      Think of us - Customers Getters as your sales department on commissions. Sure, it's your job now, but business is sporadic. You have to do something to bring in more business. Your family is depending on you and this endeavor is to get to the bottom of the problem. In one sense this choice pays only on results... The free survey...How ir helps you.

Why aren't you getting more customers?
What's not working? With the cell phone and online usage by everyone, Why aren't you getting your fair share of the business from it? Customer Getters can help you find that answer.

How Customer Getters Can Acquire Customers For You 

      Think of us - Customers Getters as your sales department. Sure, it's your job now, but business is sporadic. You have to do something else to bring in more business. Your family is depending on you and this endeavor. Questions need to be asked to work out the problem. The first is always...

Why aren't you getting  else more customers?

There's only one way to find out!

    Take our FREE Survey to isolate those specifics. They then are listed on a mockup of your web page duplicate so 50% of your page viewers see your present page. 50% see the new specifics page.  Them...

   Customer Getters tracks by a hidden color appearance where on both pages searchers go and don't go  - and what specific you sell they searched for. See the actual colors indicating  their interest and benefit of such an endeavor.

   Only then can you really know why your ads and website is a hit or miss. What in them works or not. That insight helps decision making  on what to do next on the page. Not a blind strategy you may use now that's hurting business. That's not all that's important...

With the program keen specific found in special marketing research is followed. With them your business results are checked every 2 weeks and annualized with you. This sort of feedback keeps refining and lowering you month by month cost to get more customers. And, since this is so specific your cosis lower.

 Cost is low also because we find experts who do each task  second nature. Days sooner - its their specialty.  So all this research and online direction lowers your COST - which is your primary issue in fact. The value of the Free Survey [cost you up to $10,000 by others ]. A beautiful webpage and wow features is not our game.  We isolate profit potential for each of your business making specifics. Then a Customer Getters Comparison Test as described - like fishing, will intelligently show you what works to do more of. What to change or drop because customers are not biting. What's the next step? No contract. Stop anytime. Keep what ideas you have. Use us again when a problem we can solve appears. Now though, ask for that free Survey...

   Fill out this short form to receive it, return it for your free survey report. It's the only smart move your wife will say is, "What you should be doing to bring home more bacon - or fish home." She's counting on you and she can be a good asset on the survey info. In fact, her natural instincts will help you, maybe.

Customer getters research approach to list online your specifics lets prospects see them in Titles and Descriptions. By comparing your page to a test page set up for Google and shoppers you then have a shot at being found. Chances are, your competitors are that sharp and you can now go head to head with them - there you have 50% chance rather than a 0 chance with just hoping. 

Send me an email request for our Free Survey and Mock up. Then decide what to do next as explained. Copy and paste - george2007@grandecom.net - into your email address. Subject line "Free survey request." I'll send it to you. Send it back instruction with it and contact info - to continue the mock up from that survey. Call  to get it if easier and faster. ...george 512 665 3388


Customer Getters uses those secrets to Help Business Owners succeed.
100% Better Sales Results. More income growing smarts starting in Just 7 Days. Trial Offer ends soon...

     >>> Because Biden said about Putin... "For God's sake, this man cannot remain in power." So what was the real problem with this statement? Was it because it wasn’t the right time to say it? Was it because he shouldn’t have said it out loud? Was it because it might aggravate a paranoid lunatic with his finger on the nuclear button? 

None of the above. The real problem is that Biden did what too many entrepreneurs do during the client-attraction process... He went
off script and it came back to haunt him. 

Now, as insane as this political situation is, that’s not actually the point. The point is, when you’ve got a carefully choreographed plan of what to say (and what not to say), you tend to get the same result, every time you say it… at the very least a much better result than if you “wing it”. 

I see this blunder all the time with new coaching clients — they have NO PLAN when it comes to talking to prospects — and if they do have one, they can’t seem to stick to it. 
On the other end of the spectrum, we see them talking to
all of their prospects the same way, when they’re not all the same. 

One reason this happens is if you or your sales staff have even a little experience, you often feel
the script is too mechanical (which most scripts are because they’re one-size-fits-all)... But don’t be like Biden — enforce the script. ... End Danial.

Customer Getters again...

Your message needs a script.

And to use scripts in an all new, and far-more spontaneous way, check out the client-getting breakthrough here

You’ll see how to harness the
power of technology to create a faster, more direct, and more compelling path to the sale. 

I’ll show you how to take a stone-cold prospect and turn them into a client the very next day with the power of scripted spontaneity. 

Advertising cost more than it brings in. You stop advertising because the cost does not equal it cost. It puts you in the red.

My daughter likes drawing. She took classes from a famous artist. She was good and she was given their teachers lessons. She opened her own shop. Knew she has to advertise. Work fairs and flea markets with demos kids join in. Opened for business. And the first year was great.

Then a steady decline. What a bummer. Year 4 she close shop. She couldn't get the bell curve idea. A graft showing sales. Number over 4 years. It went from zero to 80k, stay there a while. Slowly decline.

Ads failed to bring in more kids. What the graft showed she didn't get was she needed to start a second wave of marketing. Then a third and keep doing so as long as you want to keep the customer count up. That my friend is the number one Job of the owner !  The problem is you can't run the business and prospect most owners say.  That's my there's customer getter's shop program - because it pays-its-own-way. Writes ads and the scripting that brings in more customers. Teaches how to sell more without sell g. That builds a growing income fir you. Learn more by calling for an estimate on a script to have customers put more money in your pocket. 

So call now - lets both prosper working smarter - 

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Customer Getters Marketing:
The Easiest System To Easily Attract
As Many Profitable Customers As You Want
And Have The Customer Pay For It!

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The Secret To Pull In More Customers? 

The Secret to Thousands More in Profit Each Month comes from practicing specific guidelines all ready proven - but not widely known.  We teach them. 

They include becoming a fishing expert!

Those few experts in fishing - winners of tournaments, and the many others just as good learn the principles and live them night and day.  Just like great doctors, lawyers, sports figures and famous singer. They are not spending their free time drinking, and watching tv! They are night and day rehearsing to eliminate weakness their coach reveals to gain success.

 If the pros have coaches, to help keep the team winning, why don't you?

They all have a couch who knows whats missing and guides then in their daily pursuit to success. To have the home and family life you open your business to help produce the finances to get your there includes speeding up the learning process.

Customer Getters can be your resource with its step-by-step program  walking you through that next level  to your success goal - years quicker. 

Chose a program to suit your budget below.

The customer getters program.... 

Failure s each day teach what not to do. Successes teach them to increase that effort.

Being successful in fishing and business have the same secrets. Working out the basics until you have them right.

If an auto repair shop owner/mechanic and just want to profit off your specials skills to turn-jobs faster and at higher than hourly book labor rates... the book rate - join one of the programs below.

If not, what will you do to improve?



  1. Design ads to catch their eye like research shows.
  2. Design your appeal as areas expert to pull in  more customers.
  3. Design a long term customer return again value.
  4. Select a budget goal that can grow as your need grows.




  • Each program is complete.



Our 3 Step Program increases customer count. THE ONLY WAY TO DO SO IS TO REACH MORE PROSPECTS WITH A MORE ATTRACTIVE MESSAGE THAN WHAT COMPETITORS HAVE.. reaches more people. Its message is more attractive. Makes your business an adventure.

 Invest into increasing your customer count. Enjoy more out of your business adventure. Select the program that's right for your budget!


 Silver                    Gold                   Platinum 


Each does the following: 

  1. Creates powerful ads to catch the eye of more customers.
  2. A powerful message created pulls them in.
  3. Our marketing to them keeps them coming back.

Sign up now!

START pulling in MORE customers with CUSTOMER GETTER'S.

Most ads hardly pay for themselves! Most business ads push customers to their competitors. Our ad format, message, and placements uses the proven perceived value format. it's your best way to attract more customers.

The Media and Message.

Media and Message cost to obtain a customer eating up profit?

What's needed is a way to bring in more customers per ad. 

In the whole world there are really just a few who can produce good ads. And the media needs to be exploited if you are to attract more customers - and you now have 3 programs to help you.

The Customer Getters Program provides a plan to test what increases your profit and customer count with the following objectives.

  1. Outline the  present and future goals. 
  2. Determine return-of-profit.
  3. Test several strategies.
  4. Customer getters will then produce a media message test to see  improvement.
  5. Review your business goals for this project.
  • Then develop the ads and their message isolate key what will elevate your business over others  

To increase  your customer count and income goal  Sign up now and our Free Report. Then decide on the program. 

Our Customer Getters Program works for any business -including under-financed auto repair shops and their mechanic owned operators. For more info call me ...geroge at 512 665 3388Happy auto repair shop owner - smiling because he's making thousands more each month with Mega Power's Profit-Growing Program. Details: call us at 512 665 3388

If your want help revealing or developing your perceived value - to pull more customers in. Call to see the steps to a smart marketing program promoting difference to keep customer count climbing.

A plan offered, offers real improvement you can test for results.

The Customer Getters Marketing Programs for Better Ad and Sales Results. More Sales. More Income. Starting in just 7 days. 

More Sales. More Income. Starting in just 7 days.  Contact Info: On a smart phone, to ask a question. Arrange a discussion to see if what we offer is helpful. Call us at

512 665 3388...george