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"For many decades I've been self-employed, running my own little local business which you might say  was my marketing "laboratory."  In it I was trying different methods to earn a better income with more freedom...  instead of what a meaningless 8 to 5  job offered.  The ongoing experiment, tried first in one business, then another followed the idea of running ads, then trying to outdo competitor ads as its goal. After a few years on no gain but lots of business I checked the loss of income a discount created, then, tried to figure out if selling more items to the customer help m break even, It did not! Why, I wondered? Then at nigh I'd try to figure out how to shave time ion repairs to do more to get more jobs out faster - to see if that covered the loss from the big discounts  that brought customers in - but filed to raise my income. 

 When that showed minimal results I notice ads for school classes on business and took them. They were more on bookkeeping and management an making ads, with lots of white space around the ad and fancy art work as a brand awareness effort, than any revelation as their success goals.  Then, I followed my love of fixing cars and opened a tune repair shop. It failed for lack of business. The business was out there, but I couldn't attract enough. and competitors always had give-away deals that succeeded to pull customers away from my shop. Then, I found a 2 inch thick dictionary size college text book that reveal the secret of what identical businesses did where on figured out the success strategy and captured most of the business while the others followed convention practices and struggled.  That was the help and insight I needed to know and follow. The Ohio State University Professors had been attract a full number of students with a waiting list to get in, and a  $100,000, for the 4 year course. And students, upon graduation were wisped away into big corporations into their marketing departments, with unheard of saleries for newbies. The newly hired students now used the course revelations and principles as  info to help their employer rake in profits for the business that employed them, against you and me.  While, that was a revelation and I took stops to start mastering those revelations and principles. I  started leaning what worked and what did not in the mastering of what did not work and what did.

Basically, you need to offer a value customers see as coming only from you as the first idea to get rolling. it would be something that really gets them to see they never had this better experience until doing business with you! And it has a perceived-value that can be noted by the customer and seller - who further promotes the idea into the customer. Powerful enough to have them return for more when they would otherwise not see the need to do so. 

By promoting this value as an improved tune and repair business philosophy  that impresses customers with an unusual and very noticeable improvement in their cars operation for the much better,  even help restore such in their older, worn vehicles so they operate just as good as their new vehicles, obviously helping the older vehicles to be - more dependable, more trouble free running, is service customer pay a lot to obtain. A very desirable uniqueness with a producing thousand more in income each month offering a profitable transformation - not possible before, and now other repair shops did not provide.

I had some of this shown car care and maintenance shown me and I believed in it and now understood how to perfect it to stand out as offering a unique skill and service customer returned for more of.  Of  its marketing profitability in my own repair shop. Them stated showing friends in the business the same ideas, so they started profiting off them. Then did so full time helping thousands of shop owners do the same.

, now helping local tune up and repair shop owners ;  who mostly struggle to barely earn a good income  - to follow practices that would start doubling their income - with no more work load, nor higher expense to do so.

This profit boosting method improves profit growing like fertilizer does for a sickly garden. Improves  the I can do it factor by many percentage point business and improves home life - with a less stressful man of the house and reduces the real boss of the homes cries to"do something to bring home more money" the shop owner hears around bill paying time each month.

and its creative thinking influence let them open new doors of opportunities not possible with the - what turns out to be  a just-get-by  business strategy.

by impressing customers with unusual and very noticeable improvements to their older cars change in performance  for older to new like - more dependable - other repair shops did not provide.

my with change their way of doing business to for taking care of my family promoting what was shown to me as a change in business  Over 10,000 brick and mortar business owners test the online and offline marketing tools, tactics and strategies I produce. The biggest breakthrough from that testing is documented in this Special Report. You can download it now for free. Frankly, it would be irresponsible not to." - Eric Ruth

Fill out this form .. to have me send you each month working smarter, not harder.  The Free Report that tells me the secret that can double my income, now for free while still available.   Sign up...for free report. 

Customer Getters Marketing:
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The Secret To Pull In More Customers? 

The Secret to Thousands More in Profit Each Month comes from practicing specific guidelines all ready proven - but not widely known.  We teach them. 

They include becoming a fishing expert!

Those few experts in fishing - winners of tournaments, and the many others just as good learn the principles and live them night and day.  Just like great doctors, lawyers, sports figures and famous singer. They are not spending their free time drinking, and watching tv! They are night and day rehearsing to eliminate weakness their coach reveals to gain success.

 If the pros have coaches, to help keep the team winning, why don't you?

They all have a couch who knows whats missing and guides then in their daily pursuit to success. To have the home and family life you open your business to help produce the finances to get your there includes speeding up the learning process.

Customer Getters can be your resource with its step-by-step program  walking you through that next level  to your success goal - years quicker. 

Chose a program to suit your budget below.

The customer getters program.... 

Failure s each day teach what not to do. Successes teach them to increase that effort.

Being successful in fishing and business have the same secrets. Working out the basics until you have them right.

If an auto repair shop owner/mechanic and just want to profit off your specials skills to turn-jobs faster and at higher than hourly book labor rates... the book rate - join one of the programs below.

If not, what will you do to improve?



  1. Design ads to catch their eye like research shows.
  2. Design your appeal as areas expert to pull in  more customers.
  3. Design a long term customer return again value.
  4. Select a budget goal that can grow as your need grows.




  • Each program is complete.



Our 3 Step Program increases customer count. THE ONLY WAY TO DO SO IS TO REACH MORE PROSPECTS WITH A MORE ATTRACTIVE MESSAGE THAN WHAT COMPETITORS HAVE.. reaches more people. Its message is more attractive. Makes your business an adventure.

 Invest into increasing your customer count. Enjoy more out of your business adventure. Select the program that's right for your budget!


 Silver                    Gold                   Platinum 


Each does the following: 

  1. Creates powerful ads to catch the eye of more customers.
  2. A powerful message created pulls them in.
  3. Our marketing to them keeps them coming back.

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START pulling in MORE customers with CUSTOMER GETTER'S.

Most ads hardly pay for themselves! Most business ads push customers to their competitors. Our ad format, message, and placements uses the proven perceived value format. it's your best way to attract more customers.

The Media and Message.

Media and Message cost to obtain a customer eating up profit?

What's needed is a way to bring in more customers per ad. 

In the whole world there are really just a few who can produce good ads. And the media needs to be exploited if you are to attract more customers - and you now have 3 programs to help you.

The Customer Getters Program provides a plan to test what increases your profit and customer count with the following objectives.

  1. Outline the  present and future goals. 
  2. Determine return-of-profit.
  3. Test several strategies.
  4. Customer getters will then produce a media message test to see  improvement.
  5. Review your business goals for this project.
  • Then develop the ads and their message isolate key what will elevate your business over others  

To increase  your customer count and income goal  Sign up now and our Free Report. Then decide on the program. 

Our Customer Getters Program works for any business -including under-financed auto repair shops and their mechanic owned operators. For more info call me ...geroge at 512 665 3388Happy auto repair shop owner - smiling because he's making thousands more each month with Mega Power's Profit-Growing Program. Details: call us at 512 665 3388

If your want help revealing or developing your perceived value - to pull more customers in. Call to see the steps to a smart marketing program promoting difference to keep customer count climbing.

A plan offered, offers real improvement you can test for results.

The Customer Getters Marketing Programs for Better Ad and Sales Results. More Sales. More Income. Starting in just 7 days. 

More Sales. More Income. Starting in just 7 days.  Contact Info: On a smart phone, to ask a question. Arrange a discussion to see if what we offer is helpful. Call us at

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